Antony Gormley


21 August - 28 September 2014

MEET reflects on the fact that over half of us live within the city and that, save perhaps the larvae of the bee, we are the only animal that chooses to live within the confines of a geometrically determined habitat.

Does this condition create a state?

Do we want to be this together and this apart?

Can sculpture touch the way we feel?

Through framing, boxing and massing; making three dimensional drawings, containing space in rectangular cells and using the gravitational density of iron as a mass, the sculpture reinforces and perforates this bounding condition. Between awareness and oblivion, standing and falling, expanding and contracting, it stops you.

MEET, 2014

MEET, 2014
3 mm square section stainless steel bar
191.5 x 56 x 50 cm
Photograph by Stephen White, London

LinkGalleri Andersson Sandstrom